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Ear piercers

Earwigs are 1cm to 2cm long as adults. Their body is covered with a shiny reddish-brown shell or cuticle. Earwigs are lucid insects, that is, they avoid light. During the day, they spend their time in crevices in the ground, under the bark of dead wood, in the hollows of flowers or between the petals of large flowers and at night, they go out to look for food.

Females lay eggs after mating in summer. When it starts to get cold in the fall (around October), the earwigs burrow into the ground to hibernate. In reality, earwigs (or earwigs) are harmless to humans. In fact, they are beneficial because they feed on rotting material, insect larvae, slug eggs, aphids and other garden pests. They become problematic when they infest patio furniture and patios, or when they enter buildings through ventilation openings in brick walls, requiring interior and exterior intervention.

Prevention advice and recommendation

  • Put the remaining wood away from the house.
  • Shake the plants well before entering your home
  • Do not place mulch in flower beds near the house
  • Remove debris and decaying organic matter.
  • In the spring, work the soil to disturb the earwigs, to destroy the eggs and larvae.