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Mouse extermination

The mouse is recognized by its large ears and by its light brown or dark gray hairs. But the deer mouse is brown or gray and has white belly and legs. It is necessary to watch in the fall, the deer mouse which is very present in the buildings near a field.

Female mice give birth to a litter of six to eight mice and can have up to eight litters in their lifetime. Longevity is less than a year. Their five senses are highly developed so they will do a lot of damage.

Prevention tips and recommendations

  • Cut the grass as short as possible
  • Make sure waste is in tightly closed containers
  • Keep the kitchen clean and ensure pet food is in tightly closed containers.
  • Close all possible accesses, as mice can squeeze through openings as small as 0.6 cm (¼ inch).
  • Water sources like leaky faucets, oozing pipes and open drains need to be repaired.