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Les Rats

Rat exterminator in Gatineau and Ottawa

Rats are bigger than mouse and weigh approximately 0.5 kg or (1 lb). Sewer rats are also known as Norway rats, gray rats, and Norway rats. They are gray-brown or red-brown in colour. They very often live in groups with a hierarchy.

Rats Occurring at night and usually active when people are away from their homes. When hungry or well acclimatized to one place, they can feed during the day. They are suspicious by nature and sensitive to novelty. They are very good swimmers, which is why they usually settle near a water source, whether it is a sewer or plumbing pipes to hydrate themselves.

Prevention advice and recommendation

  • Plumbing pipes should always be checked, because this is 99 % the place through which rats enter buildings.
  • Make sure that garage doors and other entrances to the house are properly closed.
  • All household garbage must be put in the appropriate containers. If there is an infestation of rats indoors, food should also be out of reach in airtight containers.

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