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Gatineau ant exterminator. Carpenter ants live in society within an anthill with a well-established hierarchical order: queen, worker, warrior. Contrary to termites, the ants do not eat the wood but they dig tunnels and cause very great damage in the residences. They dig their nests in places conducive to their expansion such as an insulating urethane panel or in damp wood, which facilitates the drilling of galleries in the latter. There are several ways a house can be infested with ants:

  • A nest forms, without a queen. It is also the most common cause in Quebec
  • A queen ants arrives in your house and establishes a new colony
  • An ant colony or part of a colony migrates as a result of stress
  • Material containing ants, such as firewood, has been brought into the house

Prevention advice and recommendation

  • Conserver les aliments dans des contenants bien fermé si il y’a infestation
  • Modify the conditions that favor the proliferation of carpenter ants; including removing any rotten or infested wood around the building.
  • If necessary, remedy the problems related to water infiltration, as this damages the wooden structures.
  • Contact Extermination Parasitex, ant exterminator experts in Gatineau