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The spiders or Araneids (order of Araneae of the Arachnida class, to which it gave its name) are arthropod invertebrate predators. Like all chelicerates, their body is divided into two tagmas, the prosome or cephalothorax (anterior part devoid of mandibles and antennae, with eight legs) and the opisthosome or abdomen which carries the spinnerets behind. They secrete through these appendages silk which is used to produce the thread which allows them to move, to weave their web or cocoons imprisoning their prey or protecting their eggs or young, or even to make a temporary reserve of sperm or a dome for them. allowing air to be stored under fresh water. Unlike insects, they do not have wings, antennae or chewing parts in the mouth. They generally have six to eight eyes which can be single or multiple.

Spiders can be very helpful in controlling pest populations in your garden. Unfortunately, a bite from a black widow spider can be very painful, even fatal, making it a dangerous pest and not a creature you want in your home. There are several ways to eliminate Black Widow spiders from your home and garden and keep them from coming back. Use caution and follow the correct safety procedures.

Prevention tips and recommendations

  • Locate as many cobwebs as you can during the day.
  • Call Extermination Parasitex immediately if you are bitten.